SOFA Ramadan 2022 / 1443H

Medjoul Dates for Charity

Support SOFA with Every Purchase - SOLD OUT ALHAMDULILLAH!

Every purchase supports the empowerment of the community through knowledge, service and deeds for today and tomorrow.

Our Medjoul dates are cultivated on Palestinian land near the historical town of Jericho by Palestinian farmers and workers. 100% Palestinian Produce. 100% Natural. All date boxes have sold out alhamdulillah! Thank you to every single person that joined us this year by supporting us through the date project. If you are looking to still donate to The Suffa Educational Foundation, please visit our fundraising campaign ‘Sustaining SOFA’ at:

Top view of SOFA Ramadan Date Box with succulent medjoul dates
Close up of Medjoul Dates