SOFA Ladies Quran Online

New 2022 Programme
Hijabi Adult Online Learning

The SOFA Ladies Qur’an Class is an online programme to provide a female-only environment to learn to read the Qur’an and apply the rules of Tajweed. 

Courses run every 3 months in which students progress during their learning journey through 5 stages. A syllabus is followed where students learn the foundation levels and work their way up to reaching their final goal of correctly reciting the Qur’an independently.

The classes run once a week for an hour and holds up to 6 students in each class.

Support is given to students where homework is set and recordings are shared on YouTube. A reading assessment is given at the end of each course testing the student’s knowledge and allowing them to progress to the next stage. 

The Five Stages

All course stages will run concurrently in Spring, Summer and Autumn terms depending on student intake. Start dates for each course will be confirmed on email clearly with registered students.

Stage 1: Beginners

  • Saturdays, 10-11 AM (UK)
  • Duration: 3 Month Course
  • Gain confidence in recognising the Arabic alphabet
  • Ability to read joint letters and identify short vowels

Stage 2: Pre-Intermediate

  • Wednesdays, 7 – 8 PM (UK)
  • Duration: 3 Month Course
  • Gain fluency in reading short lines of Arabic.
  • Ability to identify long vowels and apply simple rules lengthening.

Stage 3: Intermediate

  • Tuesdays, 7 – 8 PM (UK)
  • Duration: 3 Month Course
  • Gain a foundation of Tajweed rulings
  • Ability to apply Tajweed rules through the Surahs in Juz ‘Amma

Stage 4: Advanced

  • Sundays, 10 – 11 AM (UK)
  • Duration: 3 Month Course
  • Build on the foundation of Tajweed rulings
  • Ability to apply Tajweed rules through the Surahs in Juz Tabarak.

Stage 5: Mastering Tajweed

  • Sundays, 11.15 AM – 12.15 PM (UK)
  • Duration: 6 Month Course
  • Accomplish a deep understanding of Tajweed rulings
  • Complete the famous classical text on Quran recitation titled ‘Tuhfatul Atfaal’ of Imam al-Jamzuri
Young arabic woman watching webinar on laptop at home and taking notes

When do the courses run?

The teaching sessions for the SOFA Ladies Quran online run in 3 month terms with a month break in between stages. As Stage 5 ‘Mastering Tajweed’ is a 6 month course, it will therefore be taught across 2 terms, with a month holiday in the middle. The start dates will be confirmed clearly with registered students.

January - March

May - July

September - November

Our Teachers

Portrait photo of Ustazah Annissa

Ustazah Annissa

Ustazah Annissa completed her education in Sekolah Tinggi Islam As Sofa in Malaysia and has vast knowledge in Qur’an and Islamic Studies. She is currently doing a B.A. in Education and is also our KAFA teacher.

Portrait photo of Ustazah Hilma

Ustazah Hilma

Ustazah Hilma is a Hafizah who had completed her Qur’an studies in Indonesia. She is currently working on her Ijazah in the UK where she resides and has taught Qur’an for many years. She is also one of our KAFA teachers.

How to Apply & Course Fees

All classes cost £20 per month, per student. All proceeds go directly to the parent charity: The Suffa Educational Foundation, that runs completely on donations.

To Apply:

  1. Every prospective student must fill in and submit the online form below.
  2. Following this, the student will have a short online session with Programme Co-ordinator Fatihah to ensure that they are in class level that suits them best.
  3. After the student’s class level has been confirmed, if there is space in the group class, they will be asked to set up the monthly course fee through our separate payments page. Upon setting up the payment the class zoom link will be shared with the student.

    However, if there is no space currently available in the group class, the student will be added to a waiting list instead. If a space opens up they will be invited to the class immediately. If there are multiple students in the waiting list, a second class group may be opened.
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