Rajab & Sha’ban Fundraiser:

Sponsor a Programme for the Year 2021

Collage of three photos from classes

The Suffa Educational Foundation has created a new way for you to support and donate to the programmes that mean the most to you.

This Rajab you can support our SOFA Online Halaqah programmes or the SOFA New Muslim Circle. We have calculated the cost of running each programme for the year and set that as the goal. Donors can choose to support a portion of the year’s running costs for a specific programme.

Two programmes you can sponsor

Photo - Islamic class being taught through laptop by Ustaz Zaki

SOFA Online Halaqahs 2021

SOFA Mosque London provides a wide range of free weekly online programmes for all the community. In total we currently have seven weekly programmes, and each one can only keep running with your generous support.

SOFA New Muslim Circle 2021

SOFA New Muslim Circle is a space for sharing experiences and to learn about Islam in a relaxed and non-judgemental environment. Open to converts and people in interested in Islam. This year we are expanding our offering of programmes and resources.

Who is the Suffa Educational Foundation?

The Suffa Educational Foundation is the first and only charitable organisation registered under the Charities Commission in the UK, established to primarily support the Muslim Malay community in the UK and beyond.

Since its inception, we have reached and supported thousands of Muslims in the UK and Europe from various backgrounds by delivering a wealth of programmes and services. These services are aimed at furthering the Islamic religion, enhancing community cohesion and promoting educational attainment.

With the Islamic faith and values as the underpinning foundation, our main mission is to support our community residing in the UK and Europe to become well-rounded and responsible role model Muslim citizens whom are well integrated in their respective communities.

By extension, we have and will always welcome the wider Muslim community and surrounding neighbourhood to benefit from our work.