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Our educational practices

Circle of knowledge
Our Mission
Knowledge • Service • Deeds
Offers a diverse range of programmes to spread sacred Islamic knowledge in accordance to the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet. Additionally there are recreational activities for physical/mental wellbeing.
Educational Quran
Quran Online

Quran Online

Here at our Quran online class, we offer a unique opportunity for adults, teens, and kids to learn Quran in an exciting and engaging way. Our courses include recitation and tajwid lessons along with practical activities to ensure that our students become well-versed in the language of the Quran. We are confident that you will find our class a rewarding learning experience. Join us today and begin your journey to understanding the Quran.
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Kelas Al-Quran & Fardu Ain (KAFA)

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Converts to Islam 

A welcoming environment for new converts and a space to learn more about Islam and its fundamentals.

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