The Suffa Educational Foundation


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Our foundation goals are to

Community Services

Suffa Foundation dedicates itself to performing various community services. These services include the solemnization (nikah marriage) and celebration of shahadah, organizing tahlil, aqiqah, umrah and Qurban ceremonies, as well as providing assistance in writing wills and distributing zakat. The foundation is committed to providing the community with the necessary services that help enrich their lives, as an invaluable part of the community.


Suffa Foundation organises events on a monthly and weekly basis following the Islamic calendar, providing a great platform for members of the community to gather together. These events are not just a time of relaxation, but also an opportunity to gain knowledge as well as remembrance to our beloved Prophet. It is amazing to see how this foundation is bringing a sense of unity among like-minded believers who can fellowship in their faith and celebrate special occasions such as religious festivals.


The Suffa Foundation is committed to helping the poor and needy, and we are always grateful for the generous donations we receive. Your donation not only provides us with the resources to organise events for the community, but also serves as an act of sadaqah. We appreciate all kind of support to help us continue our cause in the future.

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