Brand New Course: Starts Thurs 2nd Sept 2021

Foundations of Faith

A Guided Beginning to the Fundamentals of Islam

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Are you a convert, or born Muslim who is looking to grasp the essentials of Islam in a clear, easy-to-follow and accessible format?

Join our fortnightly online classes where we will explore three key subjects every session, in order to equip ourselves with the essential beliefs and practices to be confident in our faith.

Three Key Subject Areas


What do we believe?

Book: Introduction to Islamic Creed (Risalat fi ‘Ilm at-Tawhid)
Author: Imam Ibrahim al-Bajuri

Translated by Rashad Jameer


How do we worship?

Book: Ark of Salvation (Safinat al-naja fi ma yajib ala al-abdi li-mawlahu)
Author: Shaykh Salim bin Abdallah bin Sumayr al-Hadrami al-Shafi’i

Translated by Musa Furber


Who is our Prophet ﷺ ?

Book: Muhammad the Best of Creation: A Glimpse of his Blessed Life (Ta’rikh al-Hawadith wa al-ahwal al-nabawiyyah)
Author: Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Alawi al-Maliki al-Hasani

Translated by Amjad Mahmood

Classes, Timings and Fees


When: Every other Thursday*
Time: 8.00 – 9.15 PM (UK)
Fee: Free for all students

*Please check your fortnightly reminder emails for which week classes are running

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A Gift for Converts

The Suffa Educational Foundation will gift a set of all three books used in the course to any convert Muslims registered on and attending the ‘Foundations of Faith’ course.

If this applies to you, please remember to tick the correct box in the online registration form.

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Our Course Instructor

Our CEO & Executive Imam

Ustaz Mohammad Zaki bin Ismail

Originally from Singapore, Ustaz Zaki began his studies in a Yemeni Madrasah called Madrasah Al-Junied Al-Islamiah (established in 1927) in Singapore, from 1990-2002.

He then went on to study Arabic and Sharia in Damascus – Syria, from 2002-2008. Throughout the six years of learning in Damascus he studied at three main institutions:

  1. Ma’had Abou Nour Khoursheed.
  2. Mujamma’ Sheikh Ahmad Kouftaro.
  3. Ma’had Al-Fatah Al-Islami.

He also went to general Halaqahs/Circles, conducted by the Masyaikh of Damascus such as:

  1. Sheikh Dr. Rajab Deeb.
  2. Sheikh Dr. M.Saeed Ramadan Al-Bouti
  3. Sheikh Dr. Wahba Al-Zuhaily.
  4. Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Ratib Al-Nabulsi.

When he returned to Singapore he became the programme co-ordinator for the education department at the Singapore Islamic Scholars And Religious Teachers Association (PERGAS).

Later, after leaving Singapore, he met his present teacher Dato’ Shaykh Muhammad Fuad Kamaludin, whom under his tutelage, he studied both inner and outer knowledges.

  • Ijazahs (Authorisations to teach) in:
    • Ash’ari Aqidah (Creed)
    • Shafi’i Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprdence)
    • Tasawwuf & Akhlaq (Inner Knowledge of improving the self)
  • Fluent in English, Arabic and Malay
  • Well-known nasheed reciter

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What language is the class taught in?

The classes are taught in English. Any Arabic terms will be explained clearly by the instructor.

Can I join the class without registering?

Foundations of Faith, unlike many of our other livestreams, is a closed class. It is delivered on Zoom. So you must be a registered student to join the class. It is completely free!

Are the classes recorded?

The zoom classes will be recorded and accessible for registered students to rewatch if they wish to revise.

Are there any fees associated with the course?

The course is free. The student will just need a good internet connection and a device such as a laptop or mobile to join the Zoom classroom. The course books can be purchased by students independently (they are all available on Amazon currently). Also, as a reminder, we will gift free books for any converts registered on the course.

Can I ask questions during the classes?

The classes will be interactive, and students will have opportunities to ask the teacher questions; especially in order to clarify anything covered in the class. We hope all of our classes across our syllabus are as accessible and clear as possible.

I’ve missed the start date, can I still join the course?

Yes you can still join the classes. We will work through the books from cover to cover, so you may have missed some information covered earlier in the book. However, this should not hamper you from still joining the classes as we have class recordings with which you can catch up on anything you have missed.

If you have any further questions, please email us at: