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For a Fulfilling Muslim Life

Uplifting the Muslim Nusantara community across the UK and Europe through foundational Islamic knowledge, regular events and life-long community services. Open to all.

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📖 Education

Since its inception, we have reached and supported thousands of Muslims in the UK and Europe from various backgrounds by delivering a wealth of programmes and services. These services are aimed at furthering the Islamic religion, enhancing community cohesion and promoting educational attainment.
Quran Online
KAFA - Al Quran & Fardu Ain
Foundations of Faith (For Converts)

🕌 Foundation

With the Islamic faith and values as the underpinning foundation, our main mission is to support our community residing in the UK and Europe to become well-rounded and responsible role model Muslim citizens whom are well integrated in their respective communities.
Community Services
Our mission is to provide Islamic education
& community services to Malay communities
in the UK and Europe.
The Suffa Educational Foundation is the first and only charitable organisation registered under the Charities Commission in the UK, established to primarily support the Muslim Malay and South-East Asian community in the UK and beyond.
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Join our weekly and monthly events for a unique gathering opportunity for our community to come together. 
Classes for every ability level and age
Suitable for kids, teens and adults

Quran Online

Learn to read the Qur’an in an accessible and friendly online environment.
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KAFA Online

An online environment for children (aged 6-16) to learn the core of their religion and inspire them with their Nusantara heritage.
Qur'an Reading
Solah Theory & Practical
Islamic Studies: Aqidah, Fiqh, Seerah
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Qur'an class recitation
Learn the fundamentals of Islam

Nuzul Quran

Join us as we continue our weekly Iftar and Taraweeh programme this Friday with a special theme of Nuzul Quran. On the night of the 17th of Ramadan, we reflect on the first...

"O you who have believed, 
be helpers (in the cause) of Allah" 61:14