KAFA Online - Kelas Al-Quran dan Fardhu'Ain

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SOFA College London presents KAFA (Kelas Al-Quran dan Fardhu’Ain). KAFA is our flagship Islamic & cultural Sunday school, which is now taught completely online. All classes are conducted through Zoom. 

This online school is both a place for our next generation to learn about the fundamentals of their faith, as well as experience a Malay cultural and social environment. Currently, KAFA is only open to children with a Malay cultural background.

Three Key Subject Areas at KAFA

Qur'an Reading

All students will learn how to recite the Quran according to the popular recitation (Qira’at) of Hafs ‘an ‘Asim. The teachers will take them from the beginning, recognising and pronouncing the Arabic alphabet, to learning rules of Tajweed.

Salah Theory & Practical

All students will learn the fundamentals of prayer according to the school of Imam Al-Shafi’i. They will also learn how to beautify their prayer through understanding its meanings and additional dua.

Islamic Studies

Topics covered include: Fiqh (According to the school of Imam Al-Shafi’i), Tawhid, Seerah and Akhlaaq. The depth and choice of topic will depend on the students age group.

Classes, Timings and Fees

Kelas Intro

Ages: Primary Year 1 & 2
Time: 2.00 – 3.30 PM (UK)
Every Sunday, following UK school term time

Monthly Fee: £35 per student*

KAFA Student with prayer booklet

Kelas Regular

Ages: Primary Year 3+
Time: 2.00 – 4.00 PM (UK)
Every Sunday, following UK school term time

Monthly Fee: £40 per student*

KAFA Student listening closely to the teacher

*This fee only applies to the oldest sibling registered as a student with KAFA. Every additional sibling will have a monthly fee of £25.00 per student. Fees are due at the beginning of every month in the academic calendar.

Our Teachers

Ustadha Maimoon

Mu'allimah Maimoon

Mrs Fatihah Nazarudin

Mu'allimah Fatihah

Mu'allim Hafiz

Mu'allim Hafiz


Mu'allimah Sitti


Mu'allimah Davina


Mu'allimah Reynie


Mu'allimah Danya

Two KAFA students practicing Qaidah

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What language are the classes taught in?

All classes are taught in English. We understand that children brought up in the UK cannot necessarily understand Malay.

Does my child have to be Malay to apply?

Currently, KAFA is only open to children with at least one parent with Malay heritage. This includes various countries from South-East Asia including: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand and more.

Do you have any assessments throughout the year?

Yes we do. We help support our students by placing targets and helping them through each week and by the end of each term, they are given a reading assessment. We assess our students in their Qaidah and for higher level students in their Tajwid knowledge too.

Do the students gain any certificates or awards?

Each student who has completed the academic year with KAFA will be presented with a certificate of completion and the level they have attained in their studies.

What support is given to my child if they are stuck?

Parents are given a weekly update on the KAFA programme and a public Google Drive shared to them where access on information, additional resources and materials are provided.

I’ve seen pictures of KAFA going on field trips. Are these still provided?

Before the pandemic, we have gone to family trips like The Natural History Museum, The British Museum and the Royal Observatory in Greenwich during the half term break. We hope to continue providing these family excursions whenever it is safe to do so.